Monday, December 22, 2008

The Big Chill

There's not much garden stuff happening now. I'm impressed by all the blogs that show people digging out leeks and waving frozen bunches of turnips in the air. Some of my turnips never got pulled up, but they're going to be there in the spring. So there.

I keep meaning to go out to the garden and see what everything looks like under the snow, because I think it would be pretty, what with all the structures and everything. A few things prevent me from doing so:
1) I should find my camera first, replace the batteries, test it, find the computer cable, and replace the computer cable because I remember it not working.
2) There's a very real possibility I'd break my ankle trodging through the garden.
3) It's really, really cold.

We've got some sort of arctic thing moving through, which wouldn't be so bad except for the wind, which manages to wick the temperature all the way down to -30. Fahrenheit.

Mom wants to what I wear to stay warm, and the answer is: a building. With the heat on. (Har, har.)
When I have to leave (to, say, go to work), I am wearing:
Hiking boots - the rubber toes helps keep my socks dry.
Socks, pants, shirt - all normal weight and quality. I should dig out my long johns, but haven't.
A sweater
1-2 scarves
A pair of alpaca-blend mittens and a matching alpaca-blend hat
Occasionally, a pair of black knit gloves that had their fingertips accidentally removed. (It involved a bucket of water and a frozen pole.)
A Lands' End Serious Weather Coat, with Serious Lining, hood up.

The key bit is the Serious Weather Coat (not it's real name.) But the other key bit is to get inside as fast as possible. This means no long leisurely strolls through the countryside. I know there are people that do that, just as there are people that run on the icy sidewalks, but I like to feel all my limbs all the time.